Developing handicraft products for tourism in Khanh Hoa  
A recent project titled "Research on the development of handicraft products for tourism in Khanh Hoa Province", led by Deputy director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Phan Thanh Truc, has assessed actuality of handicraft industries and products for tourism in the province and suggested solutions to their development for the period of 2013 - 2020.

Handicraft products for souvenir are favorites of many tourists. They also have diversified local products for tourism and contributed to the local earning from tourism. According to the research, the locally-made handicraft products are rather diversified, including embroidery, wooden art products, pottery, products from rattan, bamboo, aloe wood, coconut, crocodile, ostrich and so on. Some products of the minor ethnic people in the two mountainous Khanh Son and Khanh Vinh such as crossbows and papooses are attractive to tourists.

Tourists buy hand-made products

The research group has presented some measures to develop handicraft products for tourism more.
About the policy, the provincial People's Committee need have policy to support producers of this kind of goods. About planning, it's necessary to set up and develop material areas to have stable supply for production as well as make projects for more practical souvenir products serving locals and tourists. In addition, advertisement for the province's hand-made products should be intensified in order to raise their prestige and quality, improve system of distribution and popularization and build up competitive prices.

Besides, the research group has suggested measures of applying advances in science, technology and environmental protection to handicrafts for tourism, and linking producers, tourist businesses and tourists. Measures of improving product quality and tourism services (by training craftsmen, tourist guide and narrators) as well as measures of administration have been presented.
The research group expressed their expectation that the provincial People's Committee should have a new policy on the development of trade villages and handicraft production sale businesses in the general socio-economic develoment of the province, and give permission to building exhibitions for the local handicraft products in Nha Trang to introduce and sell them to tourists.


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